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MauritiusTenders is in the business of providing bidding opportunities for more than two decades. MauritiusTenders is the most famous bidding website, providing information on Mauritius government bids and opportunities from federal, state and counties from Mauritius. The information on opportunities from Mauritius bids is collected from various sources like: bidding websites, online bidding sites

We do not stop at just providing information on bids, but we also help our clients by attending pre-bidding meeting, submitting the bids, bid management and in complete bidding process with the help of our partners in Mauritius.

MUT Ref No.  47937728

Deadline  3rd Dec 2020

Country  Mauritius

MUT Ref No.  41247260

Deadline  5th May 2021

Country  Mauritius

MUT Ref No.  49237909

Deadline  27th Jan 2021

Country  Mauritius

MUT Ref No.  48549652

Deadline  21st Jan 2021

Country  Mauritius

MUT Ref No.  49054778

Deadline  25th Jan 2021

Country  Mauritius

MUT Ref No.  49088516

Deadline  16th Feb 2021

Country  Mauritius

MUT Ref No.  48022643

Deadline  28th Feb 2021

Country  Mauritius